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My DIY solar system.

As Millions of Solar Panels Age Out, Recyclers Hope to Cash In. To see more CLICK

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, but they contain valuable metals, including silver and copper. With a surge of expired panels expected soon, companies are emerging that seek to recycle the reusable materials and keep the panels out of landfills.

3900W DIY


With sun tracker, the panels will always be facing the sun. The N-S is fixed to 33 degrees.


Easily removable when hurricane is threatening. All made of weather resistant materials for years of service to come.

Solar array with sun tracker system E-W - fixed N-S at 33 degrees. In this image only 15 panels but gives you an idea of some of the setup.



The power is in the solar array, inverter and battery capacity. The system performance is monitored  through WIFI and Bluetooth 


3500W off-grid all in one inverter connected to the 110V sub-panel that feeds all essentials NOT only for  emergency. It is feeding 24/7

110V sub-panel connected to 110V inverter supplying power to some house lights and all essentials. Can also be used in connection with gas, diesel and propane emergency generators. Same type of connector.

Battery bank with 14kWh of power and with BMS and active balancer. Enough emergency power, to keep my house essentials running for around 30 hours. (without any power from solar array)

The "grid-tied" 240V inverter with limiter on L1 and L2. For power line safety, if the grid goes down, this inverter will shut off. 

It's a little of a crazy system but who cares as long as it works - and the price is right - right.?.

NON-GRID AND "GRID TIDE" SYSTEM. 3900W SOLAR ARRAY. WITH SUN TRACKER E-W - AND FIXED TO 33 DEGREES N-S. The system with everything needed. The power doing daytime will all depend on length of day and amount of sunlight, my average kWh production per day is around 16 kWh with 14kWh backup, but the amount of stored backup power will all come down to usage versa sun doing a typical day. The amount of kWh purchased from the grid will all depend on usage. The 14kWh backup power is covering all essentials like 2 refrigerators and almost all house lights, coffee maker, small toaster oven, office mini split AC, computers, modem and router, and TVs.

It is "grid tied" 240V 60Hz but with L1 and L2 limiter so the system never feeds the grid. In other words if NO power from the grid, only the non-grid tide system will be working as backup and exactly the reason why I got started on the system in the first place, BACKUP!!

  My max production has been recorded to just over 22 kWh on March 16, this number will increase as the days get longer, hopefully it will reach close to 30 kWh. The system is tuned to get the most out of what I have without putting too much stress on any of the components. My biggest problem was the battery backup, but I found 16 EVE LF280K so now I'm a happy SUNNUT under the Florida sun.

Easy removal of panels when hurricane is threatening - I want to make sure panels are safe. It took us less then one hour (my helper and me) and all panels was down safe. It's a strong setup but so is the wind of a hurricane, better safe than sorry and make sure we have power at all times, also after a hurricane !!

Power from 3500W inverter to:

Garage door opener.

Refrigerator/freezer in garage.

Refrigerator/freezer in kitchen.

  Coffee maker.

  Toaster oven. Can not run at the same time!

Corner light in family room.

Lights guest bedroom hallway.

Lights and fan guest bathroom.

Lights in guest bedroom.

TV in guest bedroom.

Fans in lanai.

All lights in lanai.

Power outside for Green Mountain Grill.

Fan in office.

All lights office.

Split AC in office.

All outlets in office.

Computer in office.

Modem and Router.

Contact Me Hans


4217 17th Ave N

St.Petersburg FL 33713


727 666 0696

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